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All snippets of this documentation can be edited, and you can preview the resulting data pack. If you want to quickly see what Sandstone can offer, there is no need to install anything. Just edit the snippets, and see the results in live.

If you want to use Sandstone to create data packs, a local installation will be necessary.

The first step is to install Node.js. You will then need a code editor: I personnaly recommend Visual Studio Code.

Create an empty folder named "Sandstone Projects": it will contain all your future Sandstone projects. Inside this folder, open a terminal then run the following commands:

npx sandstone-cli@latest create <my-project>

Replace <my-project> with your project's name. It will only be the name of the project folder, not the name of the data pack.

Example: npx sandstone-cli@latest create my-first-sandstone-project

Answer the different questions. Congratulations, you created your first Sandstone project!

To build the data pack, run the following command:

npm run build

The downside of build is that it only builds your data pack once. To build then rebuild on each change, run watch instead:

npm run watch